bulet Simple and Complete inventory management solution with real time view of Inventory levels.

bulet  Inventory module displays items that are in stock as well as their quantities and locations.

bulet  Multiple Inventory stocks can be viewed, added, deleted, moved, and modified.

bulet  Product management functions such as adding its details and pricing it for different types of Sale can be done.

bulet  Transfer and adjustments of stocks within the inventories can be performed and its status can be tracked.

bulet  Price Management functions such as Product or items offers and combo offers are included.

bulet  Nexgen retail application provides a summary of reports with wider implications of all the above transactions.

bulet  Features  Product Search  Stock Transfer   Stock Adjustment   Stock Taking & Updation Barcode Management.


bulet  Nexgenretail manages the entire purchase processing procedure, from creating a purchase order to matching goods received against purchase order and supplier invoice.

bulet   Setting up and processing purchase orders is made as easy as possible, providing all the information needed so you can quickly and accurately replenish stock wherever it’s needed.

bulet   Supplier detail will be displayed while product title is entered to evaluate suppliers pricing to negotiate a good deal.

bulet  Automated processes help you to manage your supply chain with confidence and efficiency confirming that the correct goods are always received and paid for.

bulet  Purchase Returns and its matching are also done when the damaged goods are returned.

bulet  Custom designed Purchase Order form includes advanced reporting that can control expenditure on costly products by viewing its sales.

bulet Features Purchase Order Purchase Return Purchase Receive Purchase Search summary.


bulet  Nexgen Retail POS delivers a comprehensive transaction set and customer focused functionality.

bulet  Facilitates with extensive item search capabilities and real-time access to inventory information throughout your retail chain, to help drive sales while satisfying the customer.

bulet  Built in Customer Loyality functionality in our POS captures important customer information such as buying preference and purchase history, which enables future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for multi-channel retailing.

bulet  Features Sales (Cash/Non Cash/GV) Sales Return Reserve Hold Transaction Shift Sign-off Gift Voucher.


bulet  NexGen Retail Accounting is built in and fully integrated with extensive accounting features.

bulet Nexgen Retail ensures critical management decisions are firmly based on solid information that has been consolidated from across your enterprise.

bulet It gives managers and staff access to all the facts and figures in easily absorbed formats, so that they can see at glance where intervention is required.

bulet  Has powerful reporting tools to assist informed strategic decisions.

bulet  Supports Global business with multi-currency and multi-company features.

bulet Includes extended support for management personnels and decreases administrative price by increasing user productivity.

bulet Features Ledger Account Receivable Account Payable Balance Sheet Journal Voucher Payment Voucher.


bulet Our Sales module gives you control of he entire sales process, from raising a quotation or a Sales order by Ensuring stock availability, to dispatching goods and creating the invoices.

bulet Create Credit Note for the returns and Consignment details can be controlled ensuring that the goods movements can be tracked.

bulet  NexGen retail offers several options for effective sales of your products or items includes Quick creation of Sales order,back orders and quotation.

bulet  Meet the demands of your customers by maximizing your time, relationship and opportunities.

bulet  Converting Quotation to Sales Order can be performed just by a click.

bulet Features Sales Order Quotation Sales Return Sales Consignment Sales Search summary.


bulet Nexgen Retail provides robust, flexible and customizable reporting and presents all your transactional data into easy reports for stores continuous improvement business.

bulet Features Inventory Reports Purchase Reports Sales Reports Management Reports Tax Reports   Customer Reports.