Table Top e-Menu

bulet  Nexgen Restaurant offers your valuable customers to order the foods right from the table.  

bulet  The user friendly touch screen tablet in the table makes search and trouble free ordering for customers, and enables restaurants to improve customer service and efficiency.  

bulet   Evaluation of Interactive Tablets for Improving Customer Service in Restaurants.  

bulet  Tablet contains all the menu items as modules extremely user friendly and can be accessed by anyone.  

bulet  Our application allows customer to browse through the social networks and kids can play games in the table top tablet.  

bulet   It is fun to use and brings about a brand new dining experience.

Waiter E-Order

bulet  Nexgen Restaurant delivers a solution for the staff member of the restaurant to take orders from the customer and send the order information to the Kitchen without even walking there. 

bulet  An end to end restaurant ordering solution allows the staff member to call the order right from the customer’s table to the kitchen just by a click.  

bulet  Staff member can update the status of the served items and close table status when a customer informs for the check, staff member can display the total amount and get the payment.  

bulet Provides solution for the management where Staff members of restaurants spend around 40% of their time writing the orders in the memo and walking towards the kitchen to place an order to the Chefs.

Counter POS

bulet   NexGen Restaurant is all in one desk solution for complete restaurant management.

bulet   Staff member can view the status of all the tables at the same time of any location.

bulet  Staff member can keep a track of all the activities of the staff members to provide service to the customer.

bulet   Keep track of the customers and their eating habits as well as the time trends.

bulet   And also facilitates doing normal counter sale.

Self Order KISOK

bulet NexGen Restaurant provides a interactive touch screen self-order KIOSK solution where customer makes order and Card payment in the same KIOSK.  

bulet  Speeding up service, relieving pressure at peak times  and helping boost orders.  

bulet  The new technology also helps to face labour challenges such as employee shortages and absenteeism  

bulet  Self-order or self-service kiosks can be a perfect solution for quick service restaurants, food expo, etc